‘Brewery-ing’ Pros in Quarantine

We all miss breweries. We all miss meeting up with friends over a freshly poured pint. We all miss those seven magic words:

“Would you like to start a tab?”

While I know it’s not remotely the most important thing going on in the world right now, I really miss going to breweries. If you read my “official” Spilt Pint bio, roughly 95% of it is about how much I enjoy pulling up to the bar top at a brewery.

The brewery experience is a little different now than it was a month ago. But there are a few pros that have come out of the recent craziness. So, in an effort to keep positive, here are five (and a half) benefits of brewery-ing under quarantine.

Efficient beer runs

If I’m heading out to Ballard or going up north to see family, I like to make it worth finding a parking spot and hop into a few breweries along the way. The problem is, I’d also have to sip a pint (or two) or flight (or two) at said breweries. Usually by the third one, it was either time to go home or we were an hour late to my mom’s house. Now, I can swing by five or six different spots and stock up in under an hour. My beer runs are much more efficient. They also fill the backseat of my car now, which has brought an unprecedented influx of beer into my apartment.

Feel good helping local small businesses out

Everyone’s seen the hashtags and posts on social media. In these crazy times a lot of businesses —including breweries — are, unfortunately, struggling. It feels good to use my hard-earned stimulus check to support these places of business that take such good care of us and do an amazing job of supporting their communities. It feels like it’s our turn to return the favor.

Breweries are innovating

Whether it’s an earlier-than-planned foray into canning or experimenting with crowlers and new beers to support local organizations, breweries are getting innovative in the time of coronavirus. Some are also releasing hard-to-find beers to-go (Hello Holy Mountain and Skookum!) that are normally only available in the taproom. To-go orders have morphed from 6-packs and growlers to online ordering and curbside pickup. It’s almost too convenient to load up.

Visiting breweries now feels like an event

When I do break the stay-at-home order — albeit, for what I would vehemently argue is “essential travel” — it’s exciting to pull up to a familiar location and see, well, people. While maintaining a 6-foot safety barrier, it’s fun to catch up with employees and see how they’re doing. Same with the people in line who are probably as excited as I am to be there. My apologies to a man stuck behind me in line at Reuben’s a few weeks ago who very patiently waited as I chatted an employee’s ear off. In my defense, he was the only human, besides my wife, that I was going to talk to in person that week.

Don’t have to worry about driving

It’s a pretty safe walk from my couch to the bedroom. I have no comment on if I’ve ever needed assistance getting from one to the other.

Saving money — maybe?

I’d like to say I’m saving money because when I’d go to breweries and have a couple beers I always buy to-go beer anyway. But the amount of to-go beer I’m buying now to get through quarantine has increased significantly and, honestly, this one might be a stretch. David

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